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I am humbled to be the People's Party of Canada Candidate for the next election in Kings-Hants. I believe strongly that Freedom of Speech should be respected from a Libertarian mind-set, respecting the individual above all else. My goal is to speak on behalf of misunderstood and silenced or ignored Canadians. To show people there are compassionate conservatives who are also fiscally responsible. We need Canada back on track as the Country with the best citizens who can take a joke and provoke thought.
To help in the fight back against this uncomfortable and silencing politically correct culture, we need new leadership. The Hon. Maxime Bernier will provide the strong, principled leadership Canada needs for future generations to ensure a culture of boldness, bravery, respect, tolerance, and openness remains.  

I have lived in Kings-Hants for most of my life and all of my public schooling.  From Port Williams Elementary, to Evangeline Middle School, and on to Horton High School. It is a wonderful place to live, but we need more jobs, especially for youth.

We also needed practical healthcare options, especially if we want to maintain both family doctors and the young new families seeking them. Doctors make the least and are taxed unfairly here in Nova Scotia. We do not need Government spending on initiatives to get Doctors as much as we need to make it reasonable for them to set up a practice by lowering taxes allowing them to feel secure that they will be able to make a profit to re-invest. Newfoundland has recently allowed private clinics where RN’s can give care. This has reduced wait times and allowed people to get healthcare when they need it. Due to legislation we cannot even have Physicians Assistants in Nova Scotia which have proven to be a huge benefit to many rural hospitals.

I also noticed a decline in peoples living quality. The rising cost of living has pushed many from a pay-check to pay-check outlook into a couch-to-couch lifestyle. There is no reason for this. There is so much opportunity for business’ to come here and establish well paying employment opportunities. Unfortunately mental health has a crisis of its own going on.
I myself waited for two months for an appointment with an addictions counselor after seeking help in 2015 for recovery from alcoholism (I have been clean from Alcohol since June 11th, 2015). I might understand better than any other candidate for MP how bad it is in Nova Scotia from the experiences I have been through.

We also have issues with Telecommunications and Cellular with both options and prices. I have a plan in line with Maxime to open us up into the free-market and to encourage North American investment in infrastructure, and follow a plan similar to Israels where they were able to reduce costs by 2/3rd. My field experience of 10 years I should hope would be an asset in my knowledge of this industry. The final big issue for residents of Kings-Hants is the environment. I promise to represent the will of the people’s of Kings-Hants in providing quick and efficient action to the local pressing needs that Municipal and Provincial representatives address. We have the Bay of Fundy and much of our agriculture stationed in vulnerable places. We must ensure we are proactive in precautions and fortifications in a timely and environmentally conscious way.

To achieve this I need your help.


Matthew southall

Matthew is a 28 year old living in Windsor, Nova Scotia. He went to Memorial University. His focus was Business, Geography (with a Regional Development Certificate). Matthew worked as a Telecommunications Technician summer student throughout, gaining valuable skills. These skills enabled Matthew to make the jump and leave University to work full time as a technician. He decided that after three years he had spent enough money and started to work with a contractor. He eventually went on to work in-house in a unionized full time position. Doing this he acquired almost ten accumulative years of work in doing repairs and installations. He was the union shop steward, unit chair, OH&S committee chair and LHSC member. His voice has been a large advocate for mental health and awareness both within his company and in his personal life.


mitchell foley

Mitchell is the Campaign Manger for Matthew Southall and President of the EDA for Kings-Hants. Mitchell is 30 years old and a valuable asset to the team. Some words from Mitchell: “I can proudly say I am Canadian that has lived in this riding almost all my life. I currently work at the Pespico plant in New Minas as a machine operator. Because of that I truly understand what it is like as a “blue collar” class worker and I understand we are being over taxed. This is not my first time volunteering in a political campaign, however, it is my first time taking on such a huge role. It has been rewarding and challenging in many ways. I was a long time supporter of the Conservative party of Canada but after they 2017 federal leadership which Mr. Scheer had won i was not happy with the direction the party was going , I believe Mr. Bernier is the right person to lead Canada to become a more prosperous country ,restore our core Canadian values , protect our sovereignty , and look after our Canadian Forces including our Veterans! We can do all this by following the parties four pillars , Fairness , Freedom , Personal Responsibility and Respect.”


I may not agree with what you say, but I shall defend to my death your right to say it

Evelyn Beatrice Hall  |  Writer


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on Sunday afternoon, Rob, Matt and Michelle discuss the PPC Rally in Gatineau, QUE, at a visit to Parliament Hill.
Short introduction speech at press event in Dartmouth